Thursday, March 12, 2009


Ethan is finally feeling better! WAHOO! Now if I could just get this seemingly never ending headache turned migraine turned back to headache gone! Plus I think I may be getting a cold, ahhh! Please bring in spring already!!
Anyway, for every ones birthday we let the birthday person decide where they would like to go out to eat (on their birthday). So where Ethan was sick it wasn't until last night when we were finally went out to eat. Of all the places he choose KFC. We tried to talk him into some place else, but it was his birthday and his choice so we went there. Katie refused to eat there so she made herself a pb&j. KIDS! So funny. We are planning a party for him for next Saturday with his friends. Now he just has to decide if the just wants a couple of friends and go to the movies or have a few more friends and do something at home. He hasn't made up his mind yet, so we will see.
On a fun note Ethan is no longer a cubscout and has moved on to the boyscouts. He was initiated last night where the other scouts tied him to a chair. BOYS! So silly! He will receive his arrow of light next Thursday and is looking forward to attend his first scout camping trip next month.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Ethan turns 11!

My first baby, who obvious reasons is no longer a baby, turn 11 today. It's hard to wrap my mind out how quickly he and my other kids have grown. Today, though is all about him. Unfortunately he is sick so, there won't be to much celebrating today but as soon as he is feeling better out hope is to do a small party where he can invite two or three friends have pizza, and go catch a movie. Here's hoping he feels better soon! Love you Ethan! Happy birthday!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


With this economy and the problems it has, it finally trickled down to the the vegetation management department. So with this has caused us to have to buy another vehicle, so John could get to work (we are truly lucky that buying another car was the worst part of this change, and are extremely lucky that John still has a job to go to). So almost two weeks ago, this Saturday, we took the plunge and bought another car. We got a screaming deal on a 2007 Ford Fusion (was worth high book but was able to get for $5,000 less than that), with VERY low mileage (19000 approx.). This car has so many gadgets and buttons that we still don't know what they all do. In fact, last night I finally found where the trunk button was inside the car! I am so thankful for all who helped us get this car! Thanks Dad and Mom! Also thank you to Mark Miller Pontiac (located about 3600 South and State Street in Salt Lake) who agreed to the terms, and our salesman Lance who was awesome! I have never liked shopping for cars and never really found a decent place to go as well as great salesman (this is a miracle coming from me!), so I would recommend Mark Miller Pontiac as well as Lance if you are ever in the market to purchase a car.