Friday, October 29, 2010

School Halloween Party

For the first time since we have lived here the elementary school has allowed the kids to dress up to celebrate Halloween at school. So being the first time, I decided I would volunteer. Now with three kids in elementary school, I could only choose one. This year I went to help in Taylor's class. It started out really nice, then suddenly the fire alarm went off. This was completely unplanned. So all the kids gathered outside, a head count was taken, then we were let back in to be told that we need to evacuate the building again, because they couldn't figure out why the fire alarm went off and why it wouldn't  reset. So we gathered outside again and did a new head count, after a few minutes they let us back into the building only to tell the teachers to have all the kids gather up their things and send them home for the day (about 5 minutes early by this point), they also said to evaluate the building as quickly as possible. So that ended their Halloween parties.... The kids were a bit upset and explained what crappy Halloween party they all had. I did get three pictures, I think... I'll post them later.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Term ending

It has seemed that this school year is already going so fast. Tomorrow the first term ends and on Monday a fresh start for all begins again with term two. Hopefully term two will be better than the first term with Ethan. He has adjusted pretty well with junior high, but it has taken most of the term to get his bearings completely down (like the whole A/B class schedule) as well as what each teacher expects. He is doing better and starting to rise to his potential, and has plenty of room for improvement. Fingers crossed that it will be better!
I can't believe it is already Halloween time! The kids are excited, this year the elementary is actually allowing the kids to dress up (in the 8 years we have lived here, this is a first). I will hopefully remember post pictures this year, not like last year.
After Halloween, our "busy time" begins.  Thanksgiving time (yum, yum, yum!), my favorite! Then Taylors baptism and then Christmas, whew!! That doesn't include the up coming Thanksgiving get togethers and Christmas parties. I'm thinking I should go out and get my Christmas shopping done very, very soon....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So, you hear all the time how when someone gets an idea or even when something someone has struggled with finally clicks, that it is like a light had finally turned on. This light is usually expressed as light bulb above ones head. Well, I have one of those, but my is referred to as the DON'T CARE LIGHT. It is always there, but not always on.
Yesterday for example, I got a call from the Jr High that my son was in the sick room (this was 20 minutes before school got out, by the way). I was out doing some much needed errands and just decided I honestly couldn't get myself to care (mind you he wasn't barfing, bleeding, dying nor did he have a broken bone which are the basic rules for me to come pick up a kid early).  When I did show up, school was getting out, the office didn't seem impressed with my explanation of my "don't care light" when he isn't heaving and that it was so close to the end of the day.... Maybe I should have kept my don't care light to myself...

*BTW Point- He wasn't really sick, no fever. In his slight defense he said his throat hurt but, as he was in his last class of the day his teacher asked if he was okay and he said he thought he had strep throat (he does not, and never has) so she immediately sent him down to the office. He said his teacher said he had strep, I laughed at this and explained to him that just by looking at someone you cannot tell they have strep (no one looked in his mouth, though I do realize that most time you need a throat culture to actually determine if you have it). I also tried to explain to him about self diagnosing as well as throwing around sickness' that haven't been determined by a medical professional. During this Ben was blowing bubbles with his spit (nasty I know) and had bubbly spit around his lips (ick), so I self diagnosed that Ben has rabies to point out how silly it all was. Needless to say Ethan didn't find or see the humor. Ahhh.. the joys of a tween....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Yep, we are still alive and kicking

I realized today that I haven't blogged in quite awhile. Yes, we are still alive, just our blog had been dead. We have been busy busy busy since school has started. I thought that once it started life would slow down a bit but instead it has been kicked in high gear. With a seventh grader who is adjusting to junior high (starting to look better and hoping it will continue), a fifth grader, a second grader, a kindergartner, dance, scouts, activity days, two part-time style jobs and being on the ward activity committee, at times I feel like I haven't anytime to relax let alone breathe.... So, if you don't hear or see anything from me it is mainly because I am very busy and when I do get a little down time I am just to pooped out. :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

First day of school

I finally put the pictures from the first day of school on my computer. I didn't get any of Ethan this year as he was leaving for school as soon as the rest of the kids were getting just getting up and getting ready. Then by after school I never thought about it. Oh well!

all dressed and ready to go
Ben and his teacher
Taylor at her desk
Taylor and her teacher
Katie at her desk
Katie and her teacher
working on a family tree
Ben all ready for his real first of school
Ben at his table
Ben all ready to get to work

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


As I have mentioned before, Katie was blessed or cursed with a small mouth depending on how you want to look at it. Because of that, a week ago she had to get 6 teeth removed (was 7 but one came out on its own). 

teeth to be removed

Her "funky" feet
getting her mouth all numb and getting some "laughing" gas to calm her nerves

removing teeth

all done, check out all the gauze in her mouth
mouth still numb, she is trying to frown but only has feeling in one side
all those missing teeth
new smile (sorta)

six teeth for the tooth fairy
The next step is what is called pre-braces. These braces will consist of four braces for her top front teeth. These braces will push one of her front teeth back into the right position. She may only need them for up to 6 months and later she will get a full set of braces as well as more teeth may need to be removed.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Don't let Paypal fool you too

I have been known to use Paypal every once in a while, never had a problem and always felt safe and secure. John has also been known to use Paypal to pay for guitar parts and the like. He too has never had a problem with them and felt it was a safe and secure way to pay and even started his own Paypal account for a way for people to pay for their guitars or other merchandise they purchase through his web page. So to say we were blindsided is an understatement. We recently used Paypal to pay for a reunion we were attending, funny thing though I was worried paying that way from the start but like I have said we both had used it in the past without incident so I brushed it off as unfounded jidders. Last night I went to use the same card, that we had used to pay for the reunion, to purchase a small amount of school supplies. Well, the purchase obviously didn't go through. I was confused but both the cashier and I thought, "well, maybe there is a glitch in their system". So we ran it again with the same result. Still confused and now getting worried, I pulled out another card and was able to complete my transaction. I kept going over in my mind "when was the last time we used this card?", then I remembered we used it for the reunion using Paypal. My next thought was "but Paypal is safe, I have used it before" immediately followed by "but I don't recall using it since". I voiced the part about using Paypal recently, to the cashier. She quickly stated her last experience with Paypal and how that somehow they (Paypal) had kept her number, using it repeatedly until her account was was drained of funds without her knowing until she to went to use her card and it was declined. She told me that she was fooled with Paypal being a safe and secure way to pay online too, until what had happened to her. Honestly, I couldn't get out of that store fast enough to get home and check my account. Once home, I immediately got online and checked and she was 100% correct in what happened. I was shocked, mad, upset and felt lost. I told John, man when you can get a rise out of him he really can get angry, he was extremely mad to say the least. By then I was livid. John tried to call Paypal, but was referred to a website instead. There he was able to file a complaint, but who know what if anything will come of it. I on the other hand called the emergency number on the back of my card (while he was trying to contact paypal). I talked to really nice guy who then need me to talk to there security/fraud department, who was just as nice. By then my head was pounding, thought I was going to throw up and was shaking too. My account has now been closed, new cards will be issued with new account numbers. They will reverse those charges and will be sending out paper work for me to fill out to further their investigations. So I am relieved that we were able take care of it so quickly, but still sickened that this happened. However, lesson learned. There really is no safe online way to pay, regardless of what the company may claim. Check your statements regularly (which I do, but this wouldn't have showed up until next months statement). I for one will not be using Paypal again and more than likely I will not be buying online, even if it seems more convenient, and I will keep my purchases local and in person and with cash when I am carrying any.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Wild weekend of dancing and connecting with "old" friends

This past weekend was spent mostly catching up with a good friend that I hadn't seen in 20 years. She flew in from Florida mostly to attend a reunion of a dance club we frequented, practically every Saturday, in the late 80's. On Friday night we met for dinner at the Pie Pizzeria in South Jordan. The Pie holds many many memories for us. After we would go dancing we would more than likely end up at the Pie near the U of U, at that time there were only two locations one near the U and the other in Ogden. After "our" reunion at the pie we went to an art gallery opening near the U. Most of the art work was made from glass. Some was very beautiful and very original, others were..well, not so much. It was a very small gallery so it didn't take much time to walk through. So, our actual dance club reunion wasn't until Saturday night, but there was a pre-party Friday night at the dance club Area 51 in downtown SL. After the art gallery, we had about a hour to "kill" before Area 51 opened. So we went over to the Pie near the U for a soda and talk. It was really nice, though we had a good laugh over the fact we had visited two Pies in one night. From there we went to Area 51. Because we were there for the pre-party we were able to get in for free. They had a dance floor dedicated to the pre-party and played mostly the music we would have danced to back in the day. The music was loud and thumping, in fact sometimes it felt as though the beat was pounding through my chest. Other than Emily, my friend from Florida, I only knew one other person there who I had gone to high school with. We danced until the wee hours of the morning. It was fun and tiring. I was faltered by a few people who thought I was younger than what I really am, though one was actually mad at me when she found that I was older than her, yet looked younger. Makes me giggle now though.
Saturday I woke up very tired and very surprised I wasn't stiff from dancing so much. I relaxed most of the day so that I would be able to dance that night at the reunion. The reunion was held at the Depot in SL. John came with me and we met up with Emily and her friends there. Not long after the reunion started, more and more people showed up and more friends that I hadn't seen in about 20 years. It was a lot of fun! Lots of dancing, mingling, and reminiscing. The music played was exactly what we danced to at the Ritz Club. It was wonderful, and we danced again until the wee hours of the morning and didn't get home until much later.
Come Sunday morning we were SO exhausted, John from being up so late and me from the same plus from dancing. My legs and knees are so stiff, which reminded me of how old I am getting, even if I do look younger than what I am.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Welcome to Junior High

So, it is no secret that my oldest is heading off to Junior this year (am I really that old that I can have a junior high school student?) and with junior high comes with the fees, no more "free" education. I tried to download the school fees, but for whatever reason I couldn't get it to work correctly, so off to the school I went. The fees were kinda what I was expecting to pay, however I hadn't realized that not only does the school have fees but so dose the district. I found it strange, mainly because it looks like you are paying twice for the same thing. I also hadn't realized that you purchase P.E clothes through the school, which does make a little sense. Fees need to be paid by next week so that we can get Ethans class schedule. Then he has another orientation in the coming weeks and then school will start and we can get the class fees (like art class, etc. that requires a separate fee). Welcome to Junior High....leave your cash, checks or other method of payment at the door...... haahaaa

Monday, July 19, 2010

Already time to think of school?

Today we got one of "those automated" phone calls from the Junior High, to remind parents to make sure they have turned in an updated immunization record for the coming school year, because they will only be sending out schedules to those who have, as well as the up coming events and when the school fees are due. Now, of course I am "one of those" parents who hadn't given them Ethan's updated record, however I could at least say I did go get his booster shots. So, we hurried over to the school, because I knew that by tomorrow I would forget again about turning it in. Starting next Monday the fee schedule will be released, the following week another orientation will be coming up. I still can't decide if I am ready for my oldest to go into junior high and my youngest to be going to kindergarten, but it is coming and coming quick....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The joys of a little mouth...

Yesterday I took Ethan and Katie to the dentist for their 6 month check up. NO cavities! Yea! Katie has only had one in the past and Ethan hasn't ever had one. So even though there are no cavities to report, Miss Katie has such a small mouth that the dentist wanted initially put in a space retainer in her mouth. He asked if I had taken her to an orthodontist before. I had and told him about him wanting her three canine teeth removed (the fourth never grew in). So he said he would call her orthodontist and talk to him about a retainer. After speaking with him they had come to the conclusion that they needed to remove 4 more teeth, besides the canine ones. They want this done the sooner the better, I was told. So, now to figure how to accomplish this. Katie is really upset and insists she won't have anymore teeth left. I tried to calm her down, by telling her that they know what they are doing and they wouldn't remove teeth if it was unnecessary.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Katie turns 10

Katie turned 10 last Wednesday, and I can hardly believe it. She was born June 23 at Jordan Valley Hospital weighing 6 Lb 9 oz and was 18" in length. She is now about 50 pounds and close to 4 feet 5 inches (give or take). Katie has always been our spitfire, and still is. If she doesn't want to do something, she simply won't. As annoying as that can be at times I think it can be a benefit to her as she gets older (ie.peer pressure).
On her birthday Katie choose to go to a day camp with her activity days group. They went up to Camp Keisel, which is where the cub scouts always have day camp. They had to meet at 6:50am and returned home around 4pm. At the camp,she got to shoot a bb gun, did archery as well as other activities. She seemed to really enjoy herself. Later that night we gave her her birthday presents. I found it is difficult to buy for a 10 year old, they are kinda in an in-between stage. I think she enjoyed her presents, although I didn't get her a sewing machine that she wanted (maybe for Christmas).
We usually take the kids out to dinner for their birthday, their choice. This year because of day camp and Ethan having scouts on Katies birthday we decided we would go Friday night.
On Friday Katie choose Red Robin to eat at. What was suppose to be a "family" thing ended up to be her, Ben, her friend Lexi and me that went. Ethan went with his friend swimming and didn't want to come home, Taylor had a stomach ache all day so John stayed home with her. It was strange without every one, but still nice.
On Saturday Katie had her friend birthday party. We had it in our backyard and did a beach theme. We filled at least 150 water balloons, had a slip and slide, a pool (smallish) and water blasters. We had a hoola hoop competition and a water balloon toss (like an egg toss). Then they had a water balloon fight and they really loved chasing John and Ethan. To make it more interesting we added in the water blasters. It was SO fun watching they girls as they planned to attack Ethan and John and saying it was girls against boys (obviously the girls had the advantage). As the sun began to set, Katie opened presents and had cake (Katie wanted a cake that looked like flip flops,that was a semi-challenge to make). Then we set up the projector, the kids changed their clothes, and they watched a movie on the side of the house. Katie said it was her best birthday yet (whew!).

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Preschool Graduation

Ben during his program
Last night my "baby" graduated from preschool. This is the end of an era for us, no more babies no more toddlers or preschool. It is bittersweet. I love that Ben is so independent and can do SO much for himself, though I must admit at times I wish he would still let me baby him even for just a couple of minutes. However, even though he will soon make the transition into kindergarten, he still is a momma's boy and I am going to "milk" it for as long as I can! We will still have our evening cuddling and his want of me to be the one who puts him bed each night and the "little" fight of letting daddy put him to bed or even to let dad cuddle him (which I secretly LOVE). So congratulations my little man and here's to the next stage in your life.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

JUST DANCE by Murray Community Dance

A couple of weeks ago Taylor had her dance performance. This years show was titled 'Just Dance. Taylors class danced to Kermit the Frogs "Happy Feet". Boy did they ever have some happy feet! It was a great dance and the girls did wonderfully.

Katie took the video with her camera, so it is a bit grainy, bumpy and a bit out of focus.

Mikenzie (in front) dancing to Just dance

A couple of Taylors cousins, as well as her Uncle Sam who is Johns Little brother, also danced in this show. First was Mikenzie. Man can this girl dance! In one of her dances it looked as though her spine couldn't be connected to her body with they way she can move. It was, as well as the others she danced in, was amazing.

Happy Feet, Taylor the only one not blurry

After "Happy Feet", which Taylor and Elle, Brooks daughter, danced was the dance that stole the show. Taylors cousin Erika danced. This dance had dad's as well as a brother dancing with these little girls. This was such a cute dance, and I think they got the biggest cheers!

Erika and Sam dancing to "Save the Last Dance"

Thursday, April 15, 2010

4th grade April Fools trick

The fourth grade teachers made this candy and handed it out to each student, unbeknown-st to the students, it turned their mouths blue. The blue only lasted a couple of hours and was a big hit with the students.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ethan is now 12

Almost a month ago, Ethan turned 12. I could hardly believe that my boy is 12, has received his second and first class merit badges in scouts, is now registered for Junior High, has graduated from primary (I think that excited him the most), and has received the Aaronic priesthood. He is also now doing fast offerings, B.Y.C (Bishop youth counsel), attended his first conference priesthood meeting, as well as various scouting activities. My boy is growing up. I admit I miss the baby/little boy he was but I am so happy to see the wonderful young man he is becoming. I really couldn't ask for a better kid.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Ballet

For an early Valentines, John took me out to dinner to the Tiaphoon and to see Ballet Wests rendition of Swan Lake at the Capitol Theater. He planned all this out on his own and kept it a secret from me for a couple of weeks. He told me he was making up for past last minute failures of gifts and planning (I can vouch for those like the farting Ren dog he gave me one year for my birthday). I think he is definitely on the right track now. It was a very nice evening and one I won't soon forget. I asked him if he was shooting himself in the foot because he was setting the "bar" a lot higher. He replied no.

(Pictures are not mine, but I found them online under Ballet West. Ballerina is Christinia Bennett who played Odette & Odelia in the production we saw. I also found the picture of the Capitol Theater online, when we were there it was at night and was all lit up.)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

6th Grade Dance

Punch, cookies, donuts, chips, and veggies for the sixth graders to snack on.
The gym

Ethan & Taryn
Ethan & Sydnee

Ethan & Keely

Friday, January 15, 2010

Peanut Butter and cats

So today, as I was making some lunch, our cat like always was meowing, rubbing against my legs then trying to climb up my leg to see what I had. Now of course this is a common occurance that I would normally just lightly push him away and continue on with what my task at hand is.
Well, not today. I had some peanut butter (just a teeny amount) on my finger and thought, "do cats like peanut butter, like dogs do (at least our dogs while growing up did)? I bent down, let him sniff. He didn't seem to interested, but he sat there staring at me and meowed again. So I took my finger, with the peanut butter, and placed it in his mouth wiping it (the peanut butter) on the roof of his mouth.
It was quite funny. I don't think he enjoyed it and I thought, "now he will leave me in peace". I was wrong. Once he was done he came back meowing. Did he want more? Or did he just want an ice cube to play with (yes, my cat loves to play with ice cubes and tries to climb the freezer to get his own).
So I pose this question do you have a funny experience with peanut butter and a cat?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ben turns 5!

Where has the time gone? My baby is five today, which means come August he will be going to kindergarten. I can hardly believe it. I remember his birth clear as day and I swear it wasn't all that long ago. His birth was a bit hard, he was breech and after an hour of trying to turn him (I don't recommend, talk about painful!) it was clear that a c-section was the way we were having to go. I was really nervous and very scared. I hadn't needed a c-section with my other kids and I had only a hour to get okay with it. I was so glad that John would be at my side the entire time holding my hand, helping me do this. He had to leave for a minute, to change in this silly looking white jumpsuit, and of course that was when they started "rolling" me down to the OR. I was so nervous that he wouldn't get to me, but suddenly he was there and my fears were put to rest. In all the commotion, he forgot the camera but at that point I didn't care. I needed him with me more than we needed the camera.
After many "drugs" later, and still being able to feel pain Jacob Bennett was finally born and the anesthesiologist gave me something that knocked me out while they stitched me up (yep, stitches not staples). I don't know how long I was out, but I woke up as they were taking me and my baby to my room (yep, even had baby in my arms and had no clue). He weighed 8lb and 3oz and was 20 inches in length. That was a big baby for me, in fact he was my biggest.
Ben developed a touch of jaundice so, he had to be wrapped up in a billi-blanket. He looked like a little glow worm. Once we were released we were very fortunate that we didn't need the billi-lights anymore.
Recovery was long and painful. I couldn't lay down with out it feeling like I was going to rip apart. I slept sitting up for a long time. It really was horrible. It was hard. It was all worth it. To this day every now and again I get phantom pain at my incision site.
Ben has always been my most cuddly, and a big momma's boy (still is). We used to call him my little shadow. John would tease that the umbilical cord was was never cut.
Now, five years later, my boy is still a sweet, loving momma's boy, who has brought so much love and happiness to our family. I wouldn't change a thing. Happy birthday Ben! I love you!

Monday, January 4, 2010


I can't believe how fast the Christmas season seemed to pass. I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Christmas!
Our Christmas was nice and mostly relaxing. We decided this year to scale back, mainly because the kids really don't need much and we wanted to express the true meaning of Christmas. Also, I had been going through some health issues that caused John to really pick up the slack (which believe me there was a lot) while I lazily watched and felt guilty for not feeling good enough to do much. I am on the mend and finally done with antibiotics and pain killers, though at times I still don't feel 100% at least I can do more than what I could a few weeks back.
I really think the kids enjoyed their Christmas. We had our annual family Christmas party at my parents. It was SO nice to get together and even nicer that everyone showed up (it has been about 4-5 years since everyone has came). Everyone put their differences aside and got along really well. It was wonderful and hope it will continue.
For Christmas Ethan got a DSi that he had been itching for for along time. Katie got a new bike that is better fit for her as well as a new mp3 player. Taylor got a doll house, though not the the one she wanted (the barbie dream house) but one that we had to keep telling her it was a better quality (try to explain that to a 7 yr old who wants the other doll house because it is all pink). Ben finally got his Spike the Dinosaur (he has been wanting one since the previous year and was very disappointed when he didn't get it last year). Of course they got other little things as well like books, DVD's, music CD's and some games too. Santa also always fills their stockings with little treats and goodies. This year was no different but instead of toys he gave them personal care items like mini bubble bath, shower gel, lotion and chap stick, etc.
John and I also kept it simple with us. We mainly kept it as needs like socks, jammies etc. I did get him a music cd as well as wasabi flavored nuts and I am always on the hunt for good hot sauce for him. The man loves HOT and I found a gift pack with different levels of hot for him.
The day after Christmas we had our other annual Christmas party, this time with Johns family. We always do breakfast and this year was no different, other than we did breakfast for dinner. It was really yummy and very nice. My favorite part,besides the food, is that we have a ornament exchange every year. It is always so fun to see what ornaments everyone has chosen to share.
That was our Christmas in a nut shell. I really wanted to post pictures too, but for some reason my card reader isn't working and won't let me download my pictures, so if I/ when I get that fixed I will try and get them on.
For New Years, we stayed at home and watched movies, ate lots of junk, and stayed up late. Taylor was the only kid who made it to midnight, everyone else was out cold by 11. It was really nice spending a laid back evening at home with each other!
Now we are back to the grindstone, kids back in school (yip yip hooray!) and we start working on our New Years resolutions (though it make take all year for them to become habit, we will try to accomplish what we have set out to do). Happy New Year all, and hope this year will be all that we want it to be!