Wednesday, September 2, 2009


On Monday, Ben had his first day of preschool. I was surprised to find it a little hard to leave him, there at school, I have done this with each of my kids but I am finding it harder to leave my littlest

Back up to a few months ago, when I first mentioned to Ben that he would be going to preschool. He flat out and told me that he didn't need preschool because he already knew his ABC's and colors. It was the funniest thing. So to say he didn't want to go is an understatement. A few days after his statement, I took him to meet his teacher. He wouldn't look at her, hid behind me and John, refused to say anything to her and in fact would even talk to us (John and I) while we were there. I knew I had my work cut out for me.

Now after at least a month later and a daily talk about how big boys go to preschool and that he won't just be doing his ABC's bit playing with other kids his age, it was time to take him.

I am PROUD to say that he did great and in fact loved it, and keeps asking what day he goes back.

A nice perk to preschool? I got my kitchen all nice and almost all cleaned. Would have been all done but then I got a call from the elementary school to say that Katie got thorns all in her hair at P.E and wanted permission to cut them out. I told them not to touch her hair and I would be over to see what I could do (apparently the office and her teacher had tried for 20 minutes and couldn't get them out). To say these were thorns is a joke! These were more like burrs that broke up as you literally had to yank them out. After a hour I had them all out, without having to cut her hair. I have pictures on my cell phone to prove how horrible it was, now of course they don't do it justice. I told Katie I had to take pictures because NO one would believe us. When I have a chance I will try and post them.