Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Ballet

For an early Valentines, John took me out to dinner to the Tiaphoon and to see Ballet Wests rendition of Swan Lake at the Capitol Theater. He planned all this out on his own and kept it a secret from me for a couple of weeks. He told me he was making up for past last minute failures of gifts and planning (I can vouch for those like the farting Ren dog he gave me one year for my birthday). I think he is definitely on the right track now. It was a very nice evening and one I won't soon forget. I asked him if he was shooting himself in the foot because he was setting the "bar" a lot higher. He replied no.

(Pictures are not mine, but I found them online under Ballet West. Ballerina is Christinia Bennett who played Odette & Odelia in the production we saw. I also found the picture of the Capitol Theater online, when we were there it was at night and was all lit up.)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

6th Grade Dance

Punch, cookies, donuts, chips, and veggies for the sixth graders to snack on.
The gym

Ethan & Taryn
Ethan & Sydnee

Ethan & Keely