Monday, February 16, 2009

We Fell In Love

In May 1991, John and I met. We will be celebrating our seventeenth year of marriage this month. Most of you already know our story but for those who don't:

The first time John and I saw each other was at Stacy and Jared's wedding. John was Jared's best man and I was at the guest sign in book. I had brought the guy I was dating at the time with me. As soon as a saw John, I couldn't seem to take my eyes off of him. What can I say, there was just something there.
A couple of weeks later Stacy and Jared set us up on a date. I can't honestly say that it was a blind date since we had seen each other at the wedding. We "doubled" on that first date with Stacy and Jared. I would say it was a almost a marathon date. First we we went out for pizza (I think it was Pizza Hut), then off we went to the Galleria (remember that place?).At the Galleria we bowled (I don't bowl well, so lets just say I had more gutter balls than anything), we played miniature golf (I had never played before, so I must say I swung to hard and my golf ball went flying. This caused much laughter to John and Jared, who kept telling me were "miniature" golfing not the real thing), then we went roller skating. This I could do. Jared REFUSED to skate, so thinking John would feel the same Stacy and I went off to skate. John caught up with us and held my hand. I was so surprised and even told him so. He just said I was his date and he wanted to make me happy and do things that I liked to do too. To say that I was stunned is an understatement. I never had dated a guy who actually cared what I wanted to do, let alone spend SO much money on me (sidebar- most who I dated would conveniently forget their wallet, money etc and I would end up paying for both and sometimes just me). I felt guilty over the cost of our date and wanted to pay him back (once again, I dated TOADS and didn't realize that the guy can actually pay for a change). John got slightly offended because I felt like I needed to pay or give him money (he understood later when I told him my past toad stories). After the Galleria we went back to Stacy and Jared's to watch a video. John fell asleep, which slightly offended me but in his defense it was a long date.
After our date I didn't hear from John, but Stacy called me and said he liked me and I should call him. I didn't know what to do. I really was tired of "dating games" and didn't have much chase left in me, so I didn't call. Stacy and Jared set up another date for us and this time we went to the drive in. We all squished ourselves into John's Toyota Truck, then sat in the back of it to watch the movies. They had brought only two lounge chairs and Stacy and Jared cuddled up in one and since I really didn't know John very well, we tried to sit side by side in the chair. It was painful and uncomfortable so I moved to the end edge. It got cold, Stacy and Jared had one blanket and John had the other and he fell asleep again. I didn't know what to think. I was hurt and offended. The next day Stacy and Jared both kept telling me to call John. I had mixed feelings and didn't know what to do. I did finally call him that Saturday with the intention of asking him out (I was going to give him one more chance). I am a chicken, it took SO much for me to call him that I couldn't get to the point of why I did. I was very good a beating around the bush though. While we were talking he received another call on call waiting. It was a friend of his and wanted to get together that night. John got back to me and told me. I was ready to kick myself for taking so long to get to my point, when he asked me to come along. I was so happy, but then nervous because once again we were going to the drive in. This time we went in his brothers car (Sam was out on his mission and his car was just there)and needless to say he stayed awake the entire time, both movies.
A couple of weeks later, and many dates (we saw each other practically everyday)as well as well as a almost break up (he wanted to date another girl as well as me and I said no, I was done with the whole dating game and he could date me or date others it was his choice),we were sitting and watching TV and out of the blue John asks me who I was going to marry. I thought he was joking around. So I made a joke and named one of his friends then I laughed. It was then I saw he was serious. I felt horrid. I tried to tell him I was joking around, but he didn't want to talk about it after that. A few weeks after that we were out and about and he wanted to got to the mall. I thought that was kinda strange. He really doesn't like shopping, it was out of character. He started looking in the windows of jewelry stores and pointing out rings and asking what I liked. I kinda brushed him off, until he led me into one. He sat down and started asking to see rings. I was excited, thrilled and scared all at once. He bought me my first engagement ring that night.The next weekend we went hiking up Doughnut Falls where he proposed.
We told my parents first. My mom was happy, yet said I was to young(I was 19). John didn't want to tell his mom. It was no secret that his mom really didn't like me much and saying she wasn't happy about our engagement is an understatement (a lot has changed since then). Lee, Johns dad congratulated us and gave me a hug.
I let John pick our wedding date. At first he wanted to wait until his brother came home from his mission, but after realizing that wouldn't be until April 1993 he changed his mind. The date he picked was February 29th 1992, Leap Day. We love confusing people over how many actual anniversaries(leap days)we have had.

Now seventeen years later or 4.25 years later(by calendar days) through ups and downs I couldn't be happier. He is the love of my life, and I am lucky to have such a wonderful man. I love my husband more today than I did seventeen years ago and I wouldn't change a thing. Happy anniversary, John. I love you very much. You are a wonderful husband and dad!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jr. Jazz Game

On Saturday, Ethan had one of his basketballs games. They played really good and really fought for the ball, and worked as a team. The other team played a little "dirty", but that didn't seem to matter. Ethan's team won the game. Yea them!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Week Of Early Out

This week my kids have early out week. So Taylor is out at 10:50a and the others are out at 1:25p. It is really driving me crazy, not that the kids are bad necessarily but I am running carpool this month too and I am getting tired of dropping off and coming 2 hours later to pick up one, then 2 hours later to pick up 4 more (neighbor kids+mine). I really don't like early out week (happens a couple of times a year or so). I would rather the kids go Mon-Wed and have Thursday and Friday off. Many of the teachers agree and are hoping to change the policy (we will see...), admittedly they are getting much done themselves.
Also it is also SEP conferences and my kids are doing great. That is always nice to hear. Ethan is reading on a sixth grade level and Katie is reading on a fifth (both above average). Taylor is doing great in her reading program too. It is so nice to have older kids help with out, especially with reading. Taylor has really taken off. If you can't tell I am very proud.