Friday, February 25, 2011

Ben's first tooth lost

Ben lost his first tooth yesterday. It took me by complete surprise. He came home from school and said. Mommy I haven't lost a tooth yet, but I think I have one that is a little loose that I found today. Well, being this was the first time he has mentioned a tooth being loose, I though I would check it later because most likely it will take a few days to a few weeks before it actually came out. So, I preceded to make lunch and as he was eating his PB&J out popped that rascally tooth. He was SO excited!!!! All he could talk about the rest of the day was how it came out and how the tooth fairy was going to come. The funniest thing is, this morning he had forgotten all about it and I to remind him to look under his pillow for his "treasure". He received two dollars from the tooth fairy, since it was his first tooth and all. Ahhh! I have one excited little big boy.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Retinal Hemorrhage

So, I have a retinal hemorrhage in my right eye. No clue how this happened and there is no actual cure, but there is treatment which I started this past Tuesday. One of the many tests I had was a fluorescein angiography a procedure that takes special photographs of your eye, in order to further investigate the blood vessels in my eye, which showed the hemorrhage.

From here I will need injections in my eye. The injection is a medicine called Avastin. It lasts one month in my eye, then I return for another. I don't know how many I will need of these (hopefully, not to many), then eventually I may need some laser treatments. I am a bit nervous about all this but the alternative is possibly blindness in the eye, so I will take the discomfort of the injections.

Tuesday was my first injection and to say that it was painful, is a HUGE understatement. I was told that it would just feel like pressure in my eye, boy were they ever wrong! They did put numbing drops in, and either they don't numb it enough or they didn't let it sit long enough. From there they put a wire thing in my eye to keep it open and then the shot immediately after. I was asked later how my eye felt and the best I could say is that my eye felt as if I had shards of glass in it. Now a couple of days later my eye is feeling better, though a bit tender still. Next appointment is set for March 10. I told the doctor they should give me a RX for Valium since I had no clue how I will be able to sit still for the next shot. I think they thought I was joking...