Wednesday, August 18, 2010


As I have mentioned before, Katie was blessed or cursed with a small mouth depending on how you want to look at it. Because of that, a week ago she had to get 6 teeth removed (was 7 but one came out on its own). 

teeth to be removed

Her "funky" feet
getting her mouth all numb and getting some "laughing" gas to calm her nerves

removing teeth

all done, check out all the gauze in her mouth
mouth still numb, she is trying to frown but only has feeling in one side
all those missing teeth
new smile (sorta)

six teeth for the tooth fairy
The next step is what is called pre-braces. These braces will consist of four braces for her top front teeth. These braces will push one of her front teeth back into the right position. She may only need them for up to 6 months and later she will get a full set of braces as well as more teeth may need to be removed.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Don't let Paypal fool you too

I have been known to use Paypal every once in a while, never had a problem and always felt safe and secure. John has also been known to use Paypal to pay for guitar parts and the like. He too has never had a problem with them and felt it was a safe and secure way to pay and even started his own Paypal account for a way for people to pay for their guitars or other merchandise they purchase through his web page. So to say we were blindsided is an understatement. We recently used Paypal to pay for a reunion we were attending, funny thing though I was worried paying that way from the start but like I have said we both had used it in the past without incident so I brushed it off as unfounded jidders. Last night I went to use the same card, that we had used to pay for the reunion, to purchase a small amount of school supplies. Well, the purchase obviously didn't go through. I was confused but both the cashier and I thought, "well, maybe there is a glitch in their system". So we ran it again with the same result. Still confused and now getting worried, I pulled out another card and was able to complete my transaction. I kept going over in my mind "when was the last time we used this card?", then I remembered we used it for the reunion using Paypal. My next thought was "but Paypal is safe, I have used it before" immediately followed by "but I don't recall using it since". I voiced the part about using Paypal recently, to the cashier. She quickly stated her last experience with Paypal and how that somehow they (Paypal) had kept her number, using it repeatedly until her account was was drained of funds without her knowing until she to went to use her card and it was declined. She told me that she was fooled with Paypal being a safe and secure way to pay online too, until what had happened to her. Honestly, I couldn't get out of that store fast enough to get home and check my account. Once home, I immediately got online and checked and she was 100% correct in what happened. I was shocked, mad, upset and felt lost. I told John, man when you can get a rise out of him he really can get angry, he was extremely mad to say the least. By then I was livid. John tried to call Paypal, but was referred to a website instead. There he was able to file a complaint, but who know what if anything will come of it. I on the other hand called the emergency number on the back of my card (while he was trying to contact paypal). I talked to really nice guy who then need me to talk to there security/fraud department, who was just as nice. By then my head was pounding, thought I was going to throw up and was shaking too. My account has now been closed, new cards will be issued with new account numbers. They will reverse those charges and will be sending out paper work for me to fill out to further their investigations. So I am relieved that we were able take care of it so quickly, but still sickened that this happened. However, lesson learned. There really is no safe online way to pay, regardless of what the company may claim. Check your statements regularly (which I do, but this wouldn't have showed up until next months statement). I for one will not be using Paypal again and more than likely I will not be buying online, even if it seems more convenient, and I will keep my purchases local and in person and with cash when I am carrying any.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Wild weekend of dancing and connecting with "old" friends

This past weekend was spent mostly catching up with a good friend that I hadn't seen in 20 years. She flew in from Florida mostly to attend a reunion of a dance club we frequented, practically every Saturday, in the late 80's. On Friday night we met for dinner at the Pie Pizzeria in South Jordan. The Pie holds many many memories for us. After we would go dancing we would more than likely end up at the Pie near the U of U, at that time there were only two locations one near the U and the other in Ogden. After "our" reunion at the pie we went to an art gallery opening near the U. Most of the art work was made from glass. Some was very beautiful and very original, others were..well, not so much. It was a very small gallery so it didn't take much time to walk through. So, our actual dance club reunion wasn't until Saturday night, but there was a pre-party Friday night at the dance club Area 51 in downtown SL. After the art gallery, we had about a hour to "kill" before Area 51 opened. So we went over to the Pie near the U for a soda and talk. It was really nice, though we had a good laugh over the fact we had visited two Pies in one night. From there we went to Area 51. Because we were there for the pre-party we were able to get in for free. They had a dance floor dedicated to the pre-party and played mostly the music we would have danced to back in the day. The music was loud and thumping, in fact sometimes it felt as though the beat was pounding through my chest. Other than Emily, my friend from Florida, I only knew one other person there who I had gone to high school with. We danced until the wee hours of the morning. It was fun and tiring. I was faltered by a few people who thought I was younger than what I really am, though one was actually mad at me when she found that I was older than her, yet looked younger. Makes me giggle now though.
Saturday I woke up very tired and very surprised I wasn't stiff from dancing so much. I relaxed most of the day so that I would be able to dance that night at the reunion. The reunion was held at the Depot in SL. John came with me and we met up with Emily and her friends there. Not long after the reunion started, more and more people showed up and more friends that I hadn't seen in about 20 years. It was a lot of fun! Lots of dancing, mingling, and reminiscing. The music played was exactly what we danced to at the Ritz Club. It was wonderful, and we danced again until the wee hours of the morning and didn't get home until much later.
Come Sunday morning we were SO exhausted, John from being up so late and me from the same plus from dancing. My legs and knees are so stiff, which reminded me of how old I am getting, even if I do look younger than what I am.