Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Proper Manors, part of what I have been up to

Some may know this but others may not. I have been involved with a web series based soap opera, Proper Manors (filmed right here in Utah). No, I am not an actress, and really have no interest in becoming one or even trying out for various parts that come available. I been told that "everyone" eventually tryout, I say "not me". Anyway, yes I have been involved in this project, working as part of the crew. As part of the crew I have worked in various areas, mostly in the PA (production assistant) field. I have always worked right on set helping wherever I am needed, and though I haven't been able to be on set and work as often as I would like I do work as often as my schedule will allow. This last weekend I had the opportunity to work on set as the KeyPA and 2nd AD training. I had SO much fun, and learned a lot and can't wait to be on set again. What amazing cast and crew.
Proper Manors is based off the friendship between the creators Pietro D'Alessio and Jef Philips and will be premiering May 31 on be sure to watch if you can! Also, there is an official trailer on youtube, as well as on (easier to find), be sure to check it out, be come a fan and even become a donor if you are wanting, or just find out more of what is all the buzz is about.
Proper Manors...You've Been Warned