Friday, August 29, 2008

Katies discouraging first day back to dance

So, last night was Katies day to go back to dance. She was excited all day. She loves dance almost as much as she loves school. So, as she and I went off to dance. Meanwhile, John had a chance to have a brief view of what my life is like when I have all the kids and have to go places (however he was down one since I had Katie). He took the other three to Back to School Night. I had to laugh, because usually I get the short end of the stick!
Back to Katie, this year in dance she will be doing ballet, tap and jazz. It is harder and faster than previous years and in May she will try out for juniors. Last night was hard and Katie got very discouraged, close to tears and already wanted to quit. I had to remind her of last years first day back and she had wanted to quit then too, but with more classes and practicing at home she had once again found her love for dance. I also reminded her that if it wasn't challenging she would grow bored with it, and I have not and will not make her take dance. She is old enough now to make those decisions her big self. So, we met with a compromise, she will dance this term and be in the Christmas show and if she decides she doesn't like it then we won't sign up next term if that is her choice. She is a good dancer but she lacks the confidence in herself, no matter how many praises we give her. She has the potential to go far with this if she chooses, I'd hate to see her give this up, partly because she has been dancing since she was three and she is really good when her mind is set to it, but also she keeps telling me she wants to be a dancer and a dance teacher when she grows up. However, it is her choice and I will support whatever she decides. Her teacher told the whole class that this year will be hard and they may shed many tears but she has known each of these girls since they were three and know with practice they all can do it. And I know it too. Now its up to the girls to believe in themselves.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School and Dance

The first day of school finally rolled around. I think I was just as happy or maybe even more so than the kids. I love school! I love kids in school! I was happy that my kids were looking forward to this day. Unfortunately, the first day was an early out day and within an hour of them being home I was wishing to send them back! Taylor's real first day will be Tuesday since she is starting Kindergarten. Yesterday she only had to go 40 minutes and today she went for her testing. Also, with the start of school means that dance has started up again too. Taylor started last night. She loves her class. She may have been more excited for dance than school. Katie will be starting dance on Thursday night. She is really looking forward to it. They will be having a Christmas show December 13 and 15 (more to come later on those).




at Dance

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hill Airforce Base Museum

After five years living in Layton, we finally took the kids to Hill AirForce Base Museum today. There was so much to see and the kids all had lots of fun, even Katie who is sick again with strep.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New hairdo's

So, with everyone better again, (yes thankfully Ben is all better and it only took 3 days) it was time to get haircuts for the kids. They start school on Monday. HURRAH! I don't sound excited do I? I admit it will be strange and I will miss them, but it is so time for them to go back. Taylor is starting Kindergarten and that will be strange for me but she is SO excited. Ethan is going into fifth grade and we found out tonight that one of the biggest bullies he dealt with last year has change school! RELIEF! Katie will be in third grade and will be pulled out a couple of times a week during class to attend SEM. She is super smart and gets bored easy, so this will hopefully will be a good challenge for her. Any way here are a few pictures of their new haircuts:

Taylor before

Taylor after

Katie wanted banges


Cute kids

Thanks Kelley for the nice haircuts!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

8 hours later: (see previous)

Yeah my baby doesn't look to good does he? He looks so pathetic, it makes me sad :(. Hopefully within the next couple of days he will be all better.

Just home from the doctor

Well to make life more interesting, we just spent the last hour at Wee Care Pediatrics. Don't worry, nobody is actually sick this time. Ben however, got a mosquito bite on his eye! It was SO swollen, and admittedly we weren't quite sure if it was a bug bite or if he got some insulation into his eye. We called the doctor and since it was extremely red, swollen almost shut, and radiating heat, they insisted on seeing him PRONTO. So, we loaded up the van at 10:50 pm to head to the doctor. The wait was terrible (like it is ever good!). Finally at around 11:15pm we get called back. The doctor who Ben was going to see just happened to be coming out of another room and saw Ben and told the nurse to give him benadryl ASAP. Then we continued to wait to be seen until 11:30pm. The doctor did a thorough check of Mr. Ben and found the the culprit was more than likely a reaction to a mosquito bite on the eye ( I honestly didn't know that was possible). We are to give Ben benadryl 3 times a day until the swelling goes down, watch him carefully over the next couple of days to make sure it doesn't get worse, and doesn't end up getting infected. So, please keep him in your prayers. I feel so helpless, for my little man. Poor baby can barely open his eye and we were told that tomorrow it may even look worse. He looks like someone beat him up! Well, we finally made it home after midnight and I got him finally down to bed. Here's hoping he will have a good night sleep! *The above picture was taken after the doctor visit and looks 90% better than what it did before*

Monday, August 11, 2008

Tree House Museum

We visited the Tree House Museum in Ogden on Saturday. The kids had a blast! Heres some pictures of what we did: