Friday, January 15, 2010

Peanut Butter and cats

So today, as I was making some lunch, our cat like always was meowing, rubbing against my legs then trying to climb up my leg to see what I had. Now of course this is a common occurance that I would normally just lightly push him away and continue on with what my task at hand is.
Well, not today. I had some peanut butter (just a teeny amount) on my finger and thought, "do cats like peanut butter, like dogs do (at least our dogs while growing up did)? I bent down, let him sniff. He didn't seem to interested, but he sat there staring at me and meowed again. So I took my finger, with the peanut butter, and placed it in his mouth wiping it (the peanut butter) on the roof of his mouth.
It was quite funny. I don't think he enjoyed it and I thought, "now he will leave me in peace". I was wrong. Once he was done he came back meowing. Did he want more? Or did he just want an ice cube to play with (yes, my cat loves to play with ice cubes and tries to climb the freezer to get his own).
So I pose this question do you have a funny experience with peanut butter and a cat?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ben turns 5!

Where has the time gone? My baby is five today, which means come August he will be going to kindergarten. I can hardly believe it. I remember his birth clear as day and I swear it wasn't all that long ago. His birth was a bit hard, he was breech and after an hour of trying to turn him (I don't recommend, talk about painful!) it was clear that a c-section was the way we were having to go. I was really nervous and very scared. I hadn't needed a c-section with my other kids and I had only a hour to get okay with it. I was so glad that John would be at my side the entire time holding my hand, helping me do this. He had to leave for a minute, to change in this silly looking white jumpsuit, and of course that was when they started "rolling" me down to the OR. I was so nervous that he wouldn't get to me, but suddenly he was there and my fears were put to rest. In all the commotion, he forgot the camera but at that point I didn't care. I needed him with me more than we needed the camera.
After many "drugs" later, and still being able to feel pain Jacob Bennett was finally born and the anesthesiologist gave me something that knocked me out while they stitched me up (yep, stitches not staples). I don't know how long I was out, but I woke up as they were taking me and my baby to my room (yep, even had baby in my arms and had no clue). He weighed 8lb and 3oz and was 20 inches in length. That was a big baby for me, in fact he was my biggest.
Ben developed a touch of jaundice so, he had to be wrapped up in a billi-blanket. He looked like a little glow worm. Once we were released we were very fortunate that we didn't need the billi-lights anymore.
Recovery was long and painful. I couldn't lay down with out it feeling like I was going to rip apart. I slept sitting up for a long time. It really was horrible. It was hard. It was all worth it. To this day every now and again I get phantom pain at my incision site.
Ben has always been my most cuddly, and a big momma's boy (still is). We used to call him my little shadow. John would tease that the umbilical cord was was never cut.
Now, five years later, my boy is still a sweet, loving momma's boy, who has brought so much love and happiness to our family. I wouldn't change a thing. Happy birthday Ben! I love you!

Monday, January 4, 2010


I can't believe how fast the Christmas season seemed to pass. I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Christmas!
Our Christmas was nice and mostly relaxing. We decided this year to scale back, mainly because the kids really don't need much and we wanted to express the true meaning of Christmas. Also, I had been going through some health issues that caused John to really pick up the slack (which believe me there was a lot) while I lazily watched and felt guilty for not feeling good enough to do much. I am on the mend and finally done with antibiotics and pain killers, though at times I still don't feel 100% at least I can do more than what I could a few weeks back.
I really think the kids enjoyed their Christmas. We had our annual family Christmas party at my parents. It was SO nice to get together and even nicer that everyone showed up (it has been about 4-5 years since everyone has came). Everyone put their differences aside and got along really well. It was wonderful and hope it will continue.
For Christmas Ethan got a DSi that he had been itching for for along time. Katie got a new bike that is better fit for her as well as a new mp3 player. Taylor got a doll house, though not the the one she wanted (the barbie dream house) but one that we had to keep telling her it was a better quality (try to explain that to a 7 yr old who wants the other doll house because it is all pink). Ben finally got his Spike the Dinosaur (he has been wanting one since the previous year and was very disappointed when he didn't get it last year). Of course they got other little things as well like books, DVD's, music CD's and some games too. Santa also always fills their stockings with little treats and goodies. This year was no different but instead of toys he gave them personal care items like mini bubble bath, shower gel, lotion and chap stick, etc.
John and I also kept it simple with us. We mainly kept it as needs like socks, jammies etc. I did get him a music cd as well as wasabi flavored nuts and I am always on the hunt for good hot sauce for him. The man loves HOT and I found a gift pack with different levels of hot for him.
The day after Christmas we had our other annual Christmas party, this time with Johns family. We always do breakfast and this year was no different, other than we did breakfast for dinner. It was really yummy and very nice. My favorite part,besides the food, is that we have a ornament exchange every year. It is always so fun to see what ornaments everyone has chosen to share.
That was our Christmas in a nut shell. I really wanted to post pictures too, but for some reason my card reader isn't working and won't let me download my pictures, so if I/ when I get that fixed I will try and get them on.
For New Years, we stayed at home and watched movies, ate lots of junk, and stayed up late. Taylor was the only kid who made it to midnight, everyone else was out cold by 11. It was really nice spending a laid back evening at home with each other!
Now we are back to the grindstone, kids back in school (yip yip hooray!) and we start working on our New Years resolutions (though it make take all year for them to become habit, we will try to accomplish what we have set out to do). Happy New Year all, and hope this year will be all that we want it to be!