Saturday, April 16, 2011

Accident Prone

I have a 8 year old daughter, Taylor who is accident prone. I swear there isn't a day that goes by that she hasn't gotten hurt one way or another. Today there were two culprits.

To begin with I need to set the stage of today. My parents are out of town for the weekend and needed someone to come in and feed their cats. Usually they ask my brother but as luck who have it, he and his wife were going out of town for the weekend as well. So as I was talking to my mom the other day and asking if she would be able to come to my next eye treatment and she mentioned the problem of the cats. She asked if we would be willing to come and feed them if we were going to be coming into town. We did have a few errands in town so we could help out. We went to their house and the kids were already fighting over who gets to feed the cats (we have a cat too and no one fights over who is going to feed him, more like who isn't going to..). We assign Taylor to get their newspaper, and Katie and Taylor to get the mail, if any. Katie and Taylor walk to the mail box. When they get there Taylor apparently stands to close and as Katie pulls open the box it smacks Taylor on her forehead. Culprit #1: mailbox door=Injury #1.

Later, we get home and the kids are doing their housework, they want to play video games so they are actually doing this without much complaint. One of Taylors chores is to clean off and organize the coffee table in our TV room. She gets everything off the table and asks Ethan to get her the cleaner. Culprit #2: a bottle of Pledge furniture polish.
Ethan tries to get the polish and it slips from his hand and of all places it lands on Taylors foot. She is in tears on the floor. Ethan feels terrible. John picks up Taylor and carries her to the couch telling her she will be fine. Taylor takes off her sock and reveals a nasty gash in her big toe. It is bleeding, has a "beautiful" purple bump/bruise. Thankfully, she can bend it, it finally stopped bleeding now all bandaged with neosporin. Along with a dose of childrens Tylenol and an icepack to help the swelling, and all we can say is, " Only Taylor, only Taylor" while shaking our heads. Tomorrow is another day and with her, we are just waiting to see what new "injury" is yet to come...