Thursday, August 25, 2011


Do you remember back when you were in school and there was always that mean nasty kid that you would see always be picking on someone (possibly you even) making them feel just awful? And have you ever wondered, after you grew up, what ever happen to this person? Did they "mellow out" and see the error in their ways? Did they ever feel guilty for all the hurt they caused? Or did they become more malicious, full of lies, out to hurt and cause more pain to innocent people who happened to cross their path?
I personally am fascinated by the 'true crime' type shows that are frequently shown on channels like ID and TRU as well as features on Dateline or even Primetime live. My explanation for my fascination with these shows are trying to figure what make these people 'tick'. I don't get how people do the things they do and I am always trying to figure why they feel the need to act the way have chosen and what made them choose to do the horrid things they do to others.
I have come to the conclusion, most of the time it cannot be explained. Some people are just pure evil and even some of them can really put on a good act, making people around them that they are the innocent, etc. These people have NO regard for truth or for other people. They care only for themselves an really not much else.
Case in point: A father who hasn't seen his kids much in the past 11 years (give or take). He wants to see his kids and has made many attempts but his ex-wife refuses to let him see them. At one time she did 'kind of' see the kids but only if she was there and the whole time she would scream at him, when all he wanted is to spend some quality time with his kids, then suddenly these 'allowed' visits stop.When he pushes the issue, as in shows up for court appointed visits anyway, the ex has him arrested because she claims she is fearful for her life, never mind he is only walking up the front walk and has yet to even do or say a thing. She also starts making these claims that the children are handicap, and all because of their father. She gets doctors to medicate the children, all the while no one is questioning her or her motives. She can go along making all these claims, and have no proof to back them up. She could quite possibly have Munchausen by proxy syndrome. She shows the signs and symptoms of this mental illness. How does no one else see this, you ask? I have no clue, no clue at all. As these children get older they start asking about their dad, then one of the restraining orders the the ex wife has out on the father, expires. They go to court she actually chooses to let the restraining order expire. She even agrees to let the father see his kids. He is excited, to get the chance. He and his 'new' wife go and see the kids. The ex-wife still not letting them see the kids without her, but allows the visit. Father and children has a fantastic time. The father is beaming and is promised by the ex he can see them again in two weeks. She then cancels, but says in another week or so he can see the boys again. They set up skype so they can talk. Father and 'new' wife are happy. Children are happy. Ex lets the boys see their dad again, this time she actually says that he can keep them for two nights. Father and 'new' wife happy. Kids happy. Father's family a little apprehensive, knowing the ex-wife, hoping for the best by expecting the worse.
Visit seemed to go without a hitch. They camped, hiked and got to know each other. They bring the boys back to their mother on time. All seemed well...Then the first bomb...
Ex decides to not allow father to see the children, because since they have seen him they seem to not be minding her anymore. She tells the father she is no longer going to allow visits until the children are 25 (ummm, don't think she can really do that). She files a retraining order that lists the reason that the children won't listen to her since their overnight visit. It is denied! Big surprise (insert sarcasm). She then refiles saying the father was inappropriate the children. And claims he did it more to the older child because that child is more handicap. This father would rather cut off his own arms that hurt a child in anyway. But she is believed. It goes to court, she has coached the kids into what to say. Father, 'new'wife and families of both are sickened by the allegations. For now the case is undecided. The father gets to have supervised visits, while it gets investigated more. 
This is one case where it needs to be ruled in favor for the father. This so-called mother needs to be stopped from making false statements and making the lives of her children, their father and other a living hell. 
Once again, this is sometimes what these mean kids turn into, just 'meaner' adults.