Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Catching up

KT and some of her friends
I thought I would dedicate this post to catching up on a few mile stones that happened a few months ago or so. Back in February the elementary held its annual sixth grade dance. For weeks the kids practiced and learned dances. All the kids had dance cards and listed were the songs they were assigned to dance to as well as who they were to dance with. Katie, having no pockets and not wanting to carry her dance card around had a great idea of taping it to the bottom of her shoe. It actually work quite well. She had a great time and enjoyed dancing, even though she was taller than all her partners.
Dance card
one of her dance partners
all pretty in her new dress
The next event we celebrated was Ethan's 14th birthday.  Unfortunately he
was quite sick over his birthday and didn't feel like celebrating much. He had a horrible infection that took a couple of weeks for him to heal. He lost over 10 pounds while being sick, since it caused him pain to eat. I wish I had pictures, but while he was sick he begged me not too. As we celebrated his birthday the only picture he allowed me to take was with his eyes peering over the top of a gift.

Next we had Easter, luckily Ethan was feeling better by then. The kids colored eggs and seemed to fun doing so. The next day they woke up to find their Easter baskets hidden. Then the hunting began. First they looked for their baskets. Taylor's was behind the couch chair, Katie's was is the washer pedestal, Ethan's was under the couch and Ben's was in the closet where the vacuum is kept. Next they went on the hunt for plastic eggs filled with candy.
Next came Taylors Spring dance show. This year her class danced to Uptown Girl by Billy Joel. They did a great job.

I believe our next event was DARE graduation. DARE is a program that is offered by the police to teach children the importance of saying no to drugs and alcohol.  At my kids school it is only offered to the children who are in 6th grade.

The next events were really just one after the other. It started with the sixth grade play known as "Dig It". The play follows two explorers that end up learning about Ancient Greece, China and Egypt.

Then came Legacy does Glee, which was a dinner theater that the Junior High put  
on for their year end project. By this time of the year the kids start loosing interest in their classes and are really just counting down the days for school to be out. But even with the year ending looming in the close distance the kids did really well. I enjoyed it more than I like the school musical that they put on earlier in the year. Ethan was getting tired of singing the songs and practicing, but he pulled it together in the end.

Our next event was sixth grade graduation. I could hardly believe that Katie has hit the age of moving on to Junior High. Katie received an

award for reading and her teacher also gave out individual awards for
special talents the teacher had noticed throughout the year. It has been a busy time and I really grateful for the summer break and also for having great kids.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Another birthday..

Our oldest daughter turned twelve last week. I can hardly wrap my mind around how old my kids are getting! With turning twelve, she will be starting junior high school in the fall. I am slightly nervous for her, but glad her big brother will be there too, so hopefully he will look out for her. Also with turning twelve she finally gets to start wearing make-up, which I think she is beautiful without, and she also had a spa styled birthday party. The party was held last Friday night. We did it as a late night, to keep the more relaxed theme. We started out with a light dinner of pizza bites (homemade), veggie tray, and a fruit tray. To drink the girls had strawberry lemonade.
pizza bites

The girls

After eating the "spa" was open for service. I choose to split the girls up into groups to make it easier. We had a relaxing foot soak, facials and a manicure table set up. Foot soaking was the easiest with foot baths filled with warm water and watermelon scented effervescent foot bath tablets. The girls soaked their feet for about 15 minutes, dried them, then came the foot moisturizer. The girls LOVED how their feet felt afterward.
serious foot soaking,

face mask and cucumber eye treatment
While one group was busy doing foot soaks, the next group was busy doing facials. They started out by washing their faces to be free of all make-up. From there they applied a face mask, that happen to be greenish in color. I had only one girl who absolutely refused to do the mask, because she didn't like that it was green.. All in all they were good sports about it. Anyway, along with the masks they had sliced cucumbers to place on their eyes as well. They didn't really like the cucumbers because they were cold, but once again they were very good sports about it. After they washed off their face masks, they applied a soothing facial moisturizer to their faces. They loved the feel of it and thought it was funny how it all made their faces "shine".

applying face mask
Nail station
the party goers
 The last group gave themselves manicures. I wanted it to be a little more professional, someone who could come and talk to the  girls about keeping their nails cleaned as well as the correct way for nail care and applying polish. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a person nailed down. The girls still had a lot of fun though, they got to choose from a huge array of nail polish colors, push their cuticles back (slightly painful) and clean out their nails. After each group was able to go through each station, the girls enjoyed cupcakes. Now these cupcakes weren't like other cupcakes. I always let my kids pick what kind of cake or cupcakes they would like for their birthdays. Katie wanted rainbow, so that is exactly what she got.           

candle blowing
some of her presents
The party ended at 10pm, which was perfect, since her brothers and dad were on their way home from Lagoon. Her cousin slept over as well as one of her best friends. They stayed up watching movies until the wee hours of the morning.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Proper Manors, part of what I have been up to

Some may know this but others may not. I have been involved with a web series based soap opera, Proper Manors (filmed right here in Utah). No, I am not an actress, and really have no interest in becoming one or even trying out for various parts that come available. I been told that "everyone" eventually tryout, I say "not me". Anyway, yes I have been involved in this project, working as part of the crew. As part of the crew I have worked in various areas, mostly in the PA (production assistant) field. I have always worked right on set helping wherever I am needed, and though I haven't been able to be on set and work as often as I would like I do work as often as my schedule will allow. This last weekend I had the opportunity to work on set as the KeyPA and 2nd AD training. I had SO much fun, and learned a lot and can't wait to be on set again. What amazing cast and crew.
Proper Manors is based off the friendship between the creators Pietro D'Alessio and Jef Philips and will be premiering May 31 on be sure to watch if you can! Also, there is an official trailer on youtube, as well as on (easier to find), be sure to check it out, be come a fan and even become a donor if you are wanting, or just find out more of what is all the buzz is about.
Proper Manors...You've Been Warned

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My girls

It is no secret that I have two beautiful girls (yep, I am partial they are mine what do you expect) and they are getting to an age where they don't need or want my help with many things. The latest is my youngest daughter not needing or wanting help fixing her hair. It is kinda a tough one for me. My older girl went through this a few years back and I would look at her hair as she would tromp off to school looking like she just woke up or forgot how to brush her hair. I would just shake my head and send her off to school. She was SO proud over doing her own hair I didn't have the heart to say how I thought it looked. Fast forward 3 years or so, and now my younger one is showing her independence. Makes me a little sad and proud at the same time.

So when both girls asked me last night to try two different no heat curls that they would sleep in and hopefully wake up with curly hair, I jumped at the chance. Did they end up going to bed later than their bedtimes because of it? Yes Was it worth it? Yes.

Tay front view

both girls, back view
When they got up this morning and we let the curls down, they both were very excited and even let me "fix" their hair for school this morning. One happy momma and two happy girls.

After they got up, surprised it still looked this good!

back view

front view

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Harry Potter Party

glitter and stars for wands
wands before being decorated

edible candy wands

the wizard hat cupcakes

Ben had his friend party a couple of weeks ago. He invited 8 kids. Never do I remember all kids coming that were invited, so this was a first, and having 9 seven year old boys running around was frankly tiring :).

watching Harry Potter
special wizard drinks
Pizza time
The kids were greeted by the first Harry Potter movie The Sorcerer Stone when they arrived. After everyone arrived we had each boy decorate a small notebook labeled as their field journal. After that they had pizza and their fortune told by the color their drinks turned. The boys thought it was quite magical seeing their drinks turn a special color for each of them.
decorated notebooks

Next we broke into two groups. One group when on a search and find of different types of "critters" than can be found in a Harry Potter movie/book.

The second group got a chance to make their own magic wands and decorate them with glitter and stars. After about 10 or so minutes the groups rotated so each got to do both activities.
wand making
trying to blow out a sparkler :)

We couldn't believe how quickly time was flying so we decided Ben should open his presents. So as Ben was opening his gifts his dad (what an awesome man), cleaned up the kitchen so they would have a glitter and glue place to sit and enjoy a cupcake.
wands and cupcakes for all

The party was great and went quickly, didn't have as much time as we thought we would have to do all that was planned, but I think the boys all left happy and with full bellies.
spoiled again :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Slithering cake

This year Ben had a hard time thinking of a theme for his birthday. He really loves reptiles and also Harry Potter, so we compromised. A snake cake for his family birthday and he will have a Harry Potter party this weekend with his friends (post and pictures to follow). Thanks to all those who were able to come and celebrate with us.