Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My girls

It is no secret that I have two beautiful girls (yep, I am partial they are mine what do you expect) and they are getting to an age where they don't need or want my help with many things. The latest is my youngest daughter not needing or wanting help fixing her hair. It is kinda a tough one for me. My older girl went through this a few years back and I would look at her hair as she would tromp off to school looking like she just woke up or forgot how to brush her hair. I would just shake my head and send her off to school. She was SO proud over doing her own hair I didn't have the heart to say how I thought it looked. Fast forward 3 years or so, and now my younger one is showing her independence. Makes me a little sad and proud at the same time.

So when both girls asked me last night to try two different no heat curls that they would sleep in and hopefully wake up with curly hair, I jumped at the chance. Did they end up going to bed later than their bedtimes because of it? Yes Was it worth it? Yes.

Tay front view

both girls, back view
When they got up this morning and we let the curls down, they both were very excited and even let me "fix" their hair for school this morning. One happy momma and two happy girls.

After they got up, surprised it still looked this good!

back view

front view

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Harry Potter Party

glitter and stars for wands
wands before being decorated

edible candy wands

the wizard hat cupcakes

Ben had his friend party a couple of weeks ago. He invited 8 kids. Never do I remember all kids coming that were invited, so this was a first, and having 9 seven year old boys running around was frankly tiring :).

watching Harry Potter
special wizard drinks
Pizza time
The kids were greeted by the first Harry Potter movie The Sorcerer Stone when they arrived. After everyone arrived we had each boy decorate a small notebook labeled as their field journal. After that they had pizza and their fortune told by the color their drinks turned. The boys thought it was quite magical seeing their drinks turn a special color for each of them.
decorated notebooks

Next we broke into two groups. One group when on a search and find of different types of "critters" than can be found in a Harry Potter movie/book.

The second group got a chance to make their own magic wands and decorate them with glitter and stars. After about 10 or so minutes the groups rotated so each got to do both activities.
wand making
trying to blow out a sparkler :)

We couldn't believe how quickly time was flying so we decided Ben should open his presents. So as Ben was opening his gifts his dad (what an awesome man), cleaned up the kitchen so they would have a glitter and glue place to sit and enjoy a cupcake.
wands and cupcakes for all

The party was great and went quickly, didn't have as much time as we thought we would have to do all that was planned, but I think the boys all left happy and with full bellies.
spoiled again :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Slithering cake

This year Ben had a hard time thinking of a theme for his birthday. He really loves reptiles and also Harry Potter, so we compromised. A snake cake for his family birthday and he will have a Harry Potter party this weekend with his friends (post and pictures to follow). Thanks to all those who were able to come and celebrate with us.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Ben's world of loosing teeth

I have an almost seven year old boy who has only once lost a tooth in what would be considered the "correct" way. Last year when he was in Kindergarten he lost his first tooth. Now being a mom of four this isn't my first time around the block with loose teeth, so when he came home from school that particular day and said he had a loose tooth I was excited for him, but knew it could still be awhile before the said tooth actually came out. Little did I know that while he was eating his PB&J sandwich that day that silly little tooth was going to pop itself right out.

showing his teeny tooth
New smile
The next tooth he lost was quite a few months later. I can't remember for sure if he had even mentioned a loose tooth this time. He went outside to jump on the tramp with two of his siblings. A few minutes later he came back inside and said he knocked out a tooth. Low and behold he did. As he was jumping he did a "butt slam" and his knee came back and hit him in the face and out came tooth number two.

Tooth number three came out while eating breakfast one morning.

Tooth number four came out on Thanksgiving, after dinner, while wrestling with his much older brother. As the boys were wrestling, my oldest son accidentally elbowed Ben in the face causing his tooth to fall out.

The next tooth came out while Ben was eating a Starburst, and this one got half eaten. With all the teeth he has lost while eating, this was the first casualty. Ben doesn't like anyone to touch his wiggly teeth, I think because he thinks we will pull them out. However, I don't do teeth... but do like to have an "idea" when the next may pop out.

The last tooth he has lost he was playing on our bed, and so I starting tickling him. He bounced up and my hand hit his face and loosing his tooth more. It was a little bloody and was bent at a odd angle and so I told him this tooth needed to come out. He was more upset over having a tooth pulled than getting hit in the mouth. He screamed and fought the minute it was mentioned all the way until after the tooth was actually out and we held the tooth in front of his face to show that it was out and he could stop screaming.

He is a very funny kid, who doesn't realize when a tooth is actually super loose and doesn't think to mention when he has loose tooth. Which make us wonder when and how the next one will be lost.