Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What Twlight Character are you?

I'm a Esme! I found out through Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
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Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday!

On Saturday Cathy celebrated her 35th birthday for the fifth time. Her Mother-in-law threw her a surprise party. It was really nice, and I thought I would share some photos. Happy Birthday Sassy! Hope you had fun!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


So, in reading other blogs about quirks, got me thinking about some of my own. At first I couldn't really think of any, but I knew I had some. Finally they came to me like a flowing waterfall so to speak. I thought I would share a few, so sit back and laugh with me....
While I am talking on the phone I must be constantly moving. I wonder from room to room and back again over and over during my whole conversation. I've bee known to walk around the kitchen table a few times at least, go up the hall and perch on my bed for a minute, then off to the living room to sit a spell, then I'm back again to the TV room/ kitchen to then turn around and wonder some place else. Sometime I even end up outside on the porch or walking around the outside of the house.
I absolutely can say I hate when lights are left on and no one is in the room. It drives me batty! I am constantly turning off lights and have been known to follow the culprits around and turn off the lights behind them. I have even resorted to threatening to take out light bulbs if they don't start turning off lights on their own.
Now you may not know this by looking in my house on any given day, but I can't stand messes! I am constantly cleaning after someone, with no avail. I have imposed a "MOM CLEAN" standard for the kids. There is clean then there is Mom clean. I can't say they like it, but it can help get a job done the right way or I will throw it away.
I sleep very strange. I absolutely have to have my backside completely covered up when sleeping. I can't have it poking out even a little bit. Now that may not sound to strange but I can't have my feet covered up. I can't stand hot feet. Needless to say, it makes sleeping interesting especially when I need to share the covers.
So now that we have established, how I sleep there is even a quirk to my quirk. Well, as you recall I can't have my feet covered while sleeping, but I also can't have them hanging off the bed. I have came to the conclusion, that I must have seriously been tortured by my brothers as a child, because to this day I swear something will grab my feet (the under the bed monster, thank you very much) if they are dangling off. Thank you, Cathy for helping me figure out why my feet, legs, and arms CAN'T hang over the side of the bed especially while I am sleeping. She to has the same quirk.
Well, really I could go on, but I think I have given enough for now for you to enjoy. Maybe another day I will share more. Now I really would like to hear from others about their quirks... Like Brook, Stacy well everyone, really.....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Picture day

This evening we took the kids to a nature reserve type park to take some much over due pictures of the kids. I am usually really good at getting their pictures done every year around their birthdays. This year I really slacked off. Ben's birthday was in January and Ethan's was in March. I did do good for Katie since she was getting baptised. Taylor hasn't had her birthday yet so, I was still good on her. While taking individual picture we also did a few group pictures with the kids. In all I took over 100 pictures! Thank goodness for digital cameras! It was really nice. I think I may already have my Christmas card picture in there somewhere!

Monday, September 15, 2008

A slow weekend

What a nice weekend when you can pretty much relax. That would have been our weekend, if I hadn't decided it's time to start Christmas shopping. I know it's a bit early, but I wanted to get a jump start on it for a couple of reasons.
1. I have four kids to buy for
2. It will be here quicker that we think
3. If I get most of it done by Thanksgiving, I won't be in the mad house with everyone else, and I can sit and relax enjoying the season (without being in the over crowded stores, usually sold out on that "had to have gift")
I'm not into buying my Christmas decorations and such yet, there are two other holidays to consider before, but the present factor can be done at any time. When Ethan and Katie were little I was really on the ball and had 90% of everything I needed by October/November. I'm tired of the rush I have placed upon myself the last couple of years and I am determined to be better prepared this year. I want to be able to get lost this year in the Spirit of the season and not worrying about who is getting what. This year we are doing a very "scaled" down Christmas, and we will spread more time with family and the True meaning of Christmas.
I am blessed with awesome kids, who do know the true meaning, but could still us more. We use to pick a Tree Angel off a tree and help provide a child who is less fortunate than us. We are hoping this year we can start that tradition again. So, I'm off to a good start. Hopefully I'll be able to continue with it.
This weekend we also spent some time at J&J Nursery to find bulbs to plant in our front yard that would bloom in the spring and summer months. Now that's thinking ahead for us! Too bad I didn't do that for Halloween... I've haven't even started that one and its only a little more than a month away.....

Friday, September 12, 2008

What Kind of car are you?-John

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Can one LOVE their garage?

I posed the question: Can one love their garage?, because I think I might actually love mine. Silly I know, but here's the story. As you may be aware of I was lucky to be "away" from it all this last Saturday. While I was gone, John got the itching to clean out our garage. To say that it was messy is an understatement of a lifetime. We had stuff that we had been neglecting to take to the DI for ages, let alone every ones bikes and scooters and such, as well as pegboard John got probably a year ago from his brother, we hardly had the space for our van, you get the idea! John pulled everything out and cleaned it. He swept the floors, hung up pegboard, and filled the van to the top with things to take to the DI and even took the stuff there. What cause this sudden "I should really clean this out"? Who knows! But I love it! Everything has a place and even space for the van. No more hitting the door of the van on the side of the garage! Now, if only I could get the basement cleaned out.......

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Biker babe or what? If the answer is or what I don't want to know. Today I had the opportunity to be my Dads passenger on his motorcycle, and go up to Peach Days in Brigham City.

Here we are right before we left, about 7:20 am

We left around 7:30-ish this morning from my parents house in Sandy (Mom followed in the Mustang), and we met up with a few other motorcyclist, then headed our way to Brigham City. The ride was nice and cool at 5o degrees, however by the time we reached Brigham City I was cold! I thought I was bundled up quite nicely.The cool air on my face felt nice during the ride though. Once in Brigham City, we need to register the motorcycle and the Mustang for the car/motorcycle show. The line seemed to go on forever, yet in the mean time I was able to warm up. Then off to the park to line up the motorcycle and Mustang. By now it was in the mid-fifties and felt great. When we had everything all squared away at the park we went to look at the other cars that were there. There were some PRETTY nice cars up there (see below for more pictures)! So, being that it was Peach Days, we had to have some fresh peach pie. OOOhhh!! Can you say yummy? I absolutely love peaches and that pie was to die for! I am already wishing for a little more! We made it back just before 4pm and what fun I had. It was so great to be able to share the ride with my Dad and be able to enjoy Peach Days with my Mom and Dad without my kids, or even worrying about what they were doing. It was a much needed and welcome break, and fun to boot!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Week

Last week, John turned the big 4-0. We decided to celebrate this milestone on Saturday, and invited family to come over for cake and ice cream. No we didn't put 40 candles on his cake, instead we put a sparkler candle on. John likes to joke that he talked to our neighbor who is a fireman, and he told John it would be a fire hazard to have that many candles lit at once. John is forever the comedian! Emily, Johns sister, made that cake. It was yummy! Thanks Emily!!
To get ready for Johns party we spent a lot of time in our yard to get it presentable. In doing so, I aggravated my "condition". I have what doctors call costcondritis. Basically its the swelling of the ligaments between my breast plate and rib cage. And YES it does hurt, but I have lived with this my whole life and I never really know what is going to set it off. It could be a simple as vacuuming, or even just waking up the stairs. But life must continue and I usually press on. This time my pain was so bad John insisted I see a doctor. So, Saturday morning we went to the doctor and even had x-rays done. They put me one two medications, one is a muscle relaxer and the other an anti-inflammatory. Both can cause dizziness and the muscle relaxer causes sleepiness. Needless to say I honestly don't remember Saturday or Sunday very well.
On Sunday, it was the fifth Sunday so it was a combined Priesthood and Relief Society meeting. Those are my favorite, because I get to be with my honey all day and get to use his suit jacket to keep myself warm. They keep that room so cold it feels like a freezer! I don't remember to much of the meeting, but I do remember them talking about needing volunteers to index census reports at (you don't need to be a member to be able to do this either). This held some interest to me, because you can work at your own pace and with whatever time you have.
Monday, being Labor Day, and raining cats and dogs for the first half of the day, John and I decided to get the much needed new tires on the front of our van. We took it to Sams Club and got a really good deal until they left their impact wrench on the lug nut and they backed our car out and bang. They originally thought the impact wrench had fallen. With inspection (after we had left mind you), another words they went to use it and saw our lug nut in it. They gave us call and will be paying to have the lug nut repaired $85.00. They don't fix those so, they are sending me to an auto shop to have it fixed. I take it in tomorrow (Thursday). I have to admit I wasn't to thrilled about them breaking the lug nut, but I am impressed that they called me and took responsibility for it. I must commend them for that.
Tuesday. Taylor finally had her first REAL day of kindergarten. She seems to like it okay. She is a bit shy and says she only has one friend in her class. I told her that will all soon change I'm sure. She does have friends in other classes so, that helps at recess. Although, she was being chased by her friend McKinley, ans she fell down banging up both of her knees pretty bad. She said she didn't even cry. That impressed me quite a bit, it looked painful. She has resorted to not bend her legs. It's quite funny seeing her try and sit on the floor. She just kinda drops down with a big THUD. I told her it would her her less if she would just bend, but she won't. I also started indexing. They have a training course online to help you out. I was able to index 320 names! I was impressed with myself, mainly because some of those records are HARD to read. My goal is to dedicate a couple of hours a couple of days a week if not more.
Today was walk to school day. I usually drive them, because I refuse to let them walk on busy Gordon. So, today we got moving a bit earlier and walked to school. It takes 20 minutes to walk to the school from our house. I forgot how long that seemed until we were walking. I had Ben in the stroller, which made it easier until Taylor got tired and wanted in the stroller. Luckily, the stroller has the option of letting someone stand on the back. Wow what a workout for me! I have a "beautiful" blister on my toe to prove it. I was thankful that it was only Ben that I needed to push home. That was better. All in all round trip was about 50 minutes (I had to take Taylor to her class, she isn't comfortable yet finding it herself).
As for school the kids are doing great. Ethan loves his class and has an awesome teacher, Mr. Sanders, who is fresh out of college and is his first year teaching his own class. He is really young and seems to be able to relate to his class very well. Katie is doing well, but it seems her motivation is lacking. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks she will find it. Taylor likes kindergarten and loves her teacher Mrs. Gardner. She is an awesome teacher. Very bubbly.
That brings us all up to date.