Friday, March 18, 2011

My eye, an update

My eye is still the same, there is no actual cure, and is quite serious, I will most likely always be in care of a retinal specialist as well my ophthalmologist. I still am "missing" some vision in my right eye (though my vision has gotten better, there is still a blockage in my vision) and hopeful it will all come back, but at this time there still is no guarantee. As for my shots I have had two so far and will definitely be having a least one more which is scheduled for April. The medicine that is injected, is doing what it needs to be doing and the hemorrhage seems to be reducing in size, but it is still there. Though the medicine it self is relatively harmless, each time I am injected it is increasing my chances for an eye infection since the needle leaves a hole in my eye and takes time to heal up. My retinal specialist, Dr. Brinton, is hoping to only do one more shot, because he is worried about me getting an infection. As for now it will be taken each visit one at a time and doing whatever Dr. Brinton deems necessary. There is still a chance of laser treatments as well as more shots (but like I said that can only be determined when I am at one of my appointments), but that is if my body tries to "heal" it self by producing new vessels to replace the blocked one. These new vessels would be weak and cause more blood leakage, hence the reason for the laser treatment.

As for the cause or why it happen it is still up in the air. I have had 8 vials of blood taken and each test has came up negative. Though that sounds great that they can't find something, makes us worry about what is causing this and what tests to run next. I have had both a fasting test as well not fasting, even some genetic testing. So basically that is where it stands at this time, dealing with a vision blockage, no idea how or why it happened, will never be cured just treated for the rest of my life, otherwise I very well could go blind in that eye as well since I have had this in one eye there is an 80% chance of getting it in the other, which frightens me, but I try not to dwell on it. I also have learned to put on a pretty good act/brave face about not worrying, and down playing the seriousness this actually is. Now you know my "secret act" you'll probably be able to see through it, but that is okay, it is probably better if someone other than John knows the "real" seriousness of this and the "real" concerns we have as well as the doctors. Now I must go back and put on my brave face....

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What March means to me

I can hardly believe it is already March! We are now in the third month of the year and for me that mean my oldest will be an official teenager. Makes me question "Am I old enough to have a teenager?" Answer, "unfortunately yes". Dang it! :) But then I remember there are people my age and younger who have kids older and even have become grandparents somewhat recently, and honestly that make me feel better if not younger than what I am. Another event in March is St. Patrick's Day, now I know it isn't much of a holiday or one of "big celebrations" but we always have a mischievous leprechaun who comes and makes a big mess, but with the mess he leaves some "gold" for the kids. Wonder what he has in store this year for us and if the kids trap they set out will finally catch the rascally leprechaun.... And finally the best part of the month SPRING!!! How can I stress enough how much I am more than ready for spring? Green grass, flowers starting to bloom, the trees starting to bud there leaves, warm days with cool nights and the best part? The kids will play OUTSIDE more and get those wiggles out! I absolutely love Spring and all it represents and brings, and for me it signifies new beginnings! Definitely my favorite time of the year.