Thursday, July 29, 2010

Welcome to Junior High

So, it is no secret that my oldest is heading off to Junior this year (am I really that old that I can have a junior high school student?) and with junior high comes with the fees, no more "free" education. I tried to download the school fees, but for whatever reason I couldn't get it to work correctly, so off to the school I went. The fees were kinda what I was expecting to pay, however I hadn't realized that not only does the school have fees but so dose the district. I found it strange, mainly because it looks like you are paying twice for the same thing. I also hadn't realized that you purchase P.E clothes through the school, which does make a little sense. Fees need to be paid by next week so that we can get Ethans class schedule. Then he has another orientation in the coming weeks and then school will start and we can get the class fees (like art class, etc. that requires a separate fee). Welcome to Junior High....leave your cash, checks or other method of payment at the door...... haahaaa

Monday, July 19, 2010

Already time to think of school?

Today we got one of "those automated" phone calls from the Junior High, to remind parents to make sure they have turned in an updated immunization record for the coming school year, because they will only be sending out schedules to those who have, as well as the up coming events and when the school fees are due. Now, of course I am "one of those" parents who hadn't given them Ethan's updated record, however I could at least say I did go get his booster shots. So, we hurried over to the school, because I knew that by tomorrow I would forget again about turning it in. Starting next Monday the fee schedule will be released, the following week another orientation will be coming up. I still can't decide if I am ready for my oldest to go into junior high and my youngest to be going to kindergarten, but it is coming and coming quick....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The joys of a little mouth...

Yesterday I took Ethan and Katie to the dentist for their 6 month check up. NO cavities! Yea! Katie has only had one in the past and Ethan hasn't ever had one. So even though there are no cavities to report, Miss Katie has such a small mouth that the dentist wanted initially put in a space retainer in her mouth. He asked if I had taken her to an orthodontist before. I had and told him about him wanting her three canine teeth removed (the fourth never grew in). So he said he would call her orthodontist and talk to him about a retainer. After speaking with him they had come to the conclusion that they needed to remove 4 more teeth, besides the canine ones. They want this done the sooner the better, I was told. So, now to figure how to accomplish this. Katie is really upset and insists she won't have anymore teeth left. I tried to calm her down, by telling her that they know what they are doing and they wouldn't remove teeth if it was unnecessary.