Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Katie turns 10

Katie turned 10 last Wednesday, and I can hardly believe it. She was born June 23 at Jordan Valley Hospital weighing 6 Lb 9 oz and was 18" in length. She is now about 50 pounds and close to 4 feet 5 inches (give or take). Katie has always been our spitfire, and still is. If she doesn't want to do something, she simply won't. As annoying as that can be at times I think it can be a benefit to her as she gets older (ie.peer pressure).
On her birthday Katie choose to go to a day camp with her activity days group. They went up to Camp Keisel, which is where the cub scouts always have day camp. They had to meet at 6:50am and returned home around 4pm. At the camp,she got to shoot a bb gun, did archery as well as other activities. She seemed to really enjoy herself. Later that night we gave her her birthday presents. I found it is difficult to buy for a 10 year old, they are kinda in an in-between stage. I think she enjoyed her presents, although I didn't get her a sewing machine that she wanted (maybe for Christmas).
We usually take the kids out to dinner for their birthday, their choice. This year because of day camp and Ethan having scouts on Katies birthday we decided we would go Friday night.
On Friday Katie choose Red Robin to eat at. What was suppose to be a "family" thing ended up to be her, Ben, her friend Lexi and me that went. Ethan went with his friend swimming and didn't want to come home, Taylor had a stomach ache all day so John stayed home with her. It was strange without every one, but still nice.
On Saturday Katie had her friend birthday party. We had it in our backyard and did a beach theme. We filled at least 150 water balloons, had a slip and slide, a pool (smallish) and water blasters. We had a hoola hoop competition and a water balloon toss (like an egg toss). Then they had a water balloon fight and they really loved chasing John and Ethan. To make it more interesting we added in the water blasters. It was SO fun watching they girls as they planned to attack Ethan and John and saying it was girls against boys (obviously the girls had the advantage). As the sun began to set, Katie opened presents and had cake (Katie wanted a cake that looked like flip flops,that was a semi-challenge to make). Then we set up the projector, the kids changed their clothes, and they watched a movie on the side of the house. Katie said it was her best birthday yet (whew!).