Friday, January 28, 2011

Loking for a Photography class?

My friend Heather has her own photography class and she is offering two different classes to help those who need help learning or expanding knowledge of their SLR camera's. The classes are mainly for beginners I believe, as in if you had just bought a SLR camera as well as for those of us who have had one for a while but keep it in "auto" mode to make it "simpler". Anyway, you will learn so many things about your camera as well as some photography "secrets"to make your photo's POP! Check out her blog for more information: or her friends website:

Friday, January 14, 2011

Mid January, already?

I know I have said it many many times in the past that time passes SO quickly, but it amazing me so much by how it really does. It is now the middle of January. Ben turned six a week ago (6? really? I swear he is still teeny!), and the end of the term, which marks the halfway point of the school year was today. Just amazing, truly! I wish we could catch time in a bottle or find a way to slow things down more so we can enjoy the here and now more. So, I guess I need to stop wishing winter and the snow away and try to enjoy it (?). Snow fight anyone?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I can hardly believe that it is already January! The end of the school term/ semester is coming to an end next week and then we will be at the mid point of the school year. So far the kids are all doing great in their studies, which is a far cry from the first term of the year for Ethan. He has proven that he can "do" seventh grade and has really stepped up and taking control. He is a great student and is showing excellence in art and in theater. Man, that kid can draw and loves to act. I get complemented a lot over what a great kid he is and how funny he can be. SEP conferences a few weeks back were great. It was SO awesome to hear each teacher talk and faces light up about how great he is and how they love having him their classes. Makes me a proud momma. Katie is speeding along in 5th grade. Is is above average in almost all her studies. She is one smart cookie! She loves school and her teacher is wonderful! She did go through a semi-tough time recentlyShe also is still taking dance and has proven to be a great little dancer! Saying she loves to dance is a huge understatement! Ben is plugging along in kindergarten. He really is enjoying his teacher, making new friends and his new love reading on his own. It is SO great to have each of my kids reading and loving it (like me). Ben also enjoys drawing. He draws the greatest pictures! He too had his best friend move away (same family as Katies friend). The hardest part with him is that he doesn't get to see him like Katie does her friend, plus explaining divorce to an almost 6 year old proved difficult. He too cried, but mostly because he was afraid that we would too since his friend did. WOW! What a difficult subject matter to keep on his level and reassuring him that we are fine and Mommy and Daddy love him and his siblings very much as well as each other.  when her best friends parents divorced and her friend moved away from our neighborhood. There were a lot of tears on both parts, but luckily they are still in the same school (for now anyway). Katie also has lots of interest in crocheting and sewing, in fact she got a sewing machine for Christmas. Taylor is also doing awesome in school. She is a quick learner and also has tested above grade level, at least in reading. She too has a great teacher who is very attentive.She also is showing a great skill for drawing and designing. She is always doodling something or designing clothes.
John and I are doing great. John had a great scare with a blood clot in his leg. This clot is SO big that it runs more than half of his leg. For now he is under doctors care and using blood thinners to regulate it. He will be under care for 6 months. Since he rarely gets sick I had to ask him (jokingly of course) if he had to do this for attention, and if so there were much betters ways. I love that I can joke with him, which was about the only way I could deal with the stress of it all.
I am doing a small daycare at my house and currently watching 5 kids, the oldest being 5 and the youngest is almost one. I am enjoying them, but it is also exhausting and I wouldn't change a thing. So that is pretty much an update on us.