Monday, December 29, 2008

The theme is pink and black

I can't believe that Christmas is already over, by almost a week! Wow! Time passes quickly when you are having fun with family. The kids were of course spoiled, but not rotten. In 9 days my baby boy will be turning 4! Once again where does the time go?

It has been unbelievably cold! Our street has been pure ice for about a week now. I know we need the snow, but do we need this much all at once and the freezing temps? I think I will hibernate until spring. Okay that is definately wishful thinking on my part!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dance Show #2

She loves to pose and it shows!

So, Monday night was Katie's dance show. It went on without a hitch (at least on the dancers part). It seems that the lighting, the backstagers?(one who pulls the curtain), and the boys (I guess I should say young men- probably high school students) who Que the music were either a little off or were spacing off. Not that it bothered me by all means, but you could hear others in the audience who were wondering what was going on. During some of those down times (when the music nor the lights were on) I spent my time trying to keep Ben in control. He really was a good sport for the most part, but being three and having to sit through two shows was more than he could handle. My tolerance was wearing thin, but then I thought " you know, if I was three and had to sit through two off these I probably wouldn't be happy either". Taylor loved it both times and I think Ethan was waiting for the Earth to open up and swallow him whole.

Even though flash photography isn't allowed during the performances, we still tried to take pictures. My camera does an excellent job even without the flash, unfortunately though Katie dance was so fast and they were constantly moving that most of her pictures came out blurry. I did take a few before the show, and Katie just loves her picture taken and kept posing all over. Kinda funny. I did take video but I still haven't checked that yet (I tried, but we had just gotten a new camera and I figure out how to play it on a computer yet....).

I would be lying, if I said I wasn't happy to have it all over until January. I am ready for a break from kids activities.

So as I said January it will pick up again and Katie's dance class will be working on their spring show where she will be dancing to Girls Just Want To Have Fun. Also in May, she will be trying out for junior starlets (if she continues to want to dance). We also will be adding Jr. Jazz for Ethan with John as his teams coach.

Very blurry, but you get my point.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dance Show #1

Last night was Taylor's dance show. We had to be there at 9am for practice. Who put the request of snow? Well according to the Dance Director it was her. Thanks Miss Lisa!

I spent most of the day at the school for practice between Taylor and Katie! Then back again in the evening for Taylor's show. Luckily my Mom and Dad helped out and had my other kids and brought them to us for the second show. That helped TONS!

This year her class was little dolls and danced to Are My Ears on Straight. They all did so well! I even got choked up while watching (typical, of me though). No flash photography was allowed, but I still think we got some good pictures! (Taylor is in the middle)
With all the snow, we had thought our drive home would have taken forever and be horrible. Luckily, it wasn't to bad. One we got out of Salt Lake and headed north it wasn't bad at all!

So Taylor is finished until January with dance where they will begin to work on their spring show, dancing to the Bunny Hop. So cute!

Tomorrow, dance program #2 (Katie program). Please pray for decent weather!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Family Pictures

So, on Sunday we finally made the time to go out and get family pictures done so we can send out Christmas cards this year (there we no cards last year). We went to a park near our home and along with many other families (I was surprised to see so many people out doing the same thing), got our pictures done. It only took an hour and we walked away with some pretty good pictures, if I do say so myself. I love having a camera with a remote to enable us to get all of us together, without having to pay someone. To keep Ben looking at the camera we had one of his tiny stuffed dogs and placed it on top of the camera. Ben thought it was funny especially when the flash would suddenly decide to pop up and his dog would go flying. I am so happy to get these checked off my "To Do" list! Now I just need to get them sent out. Addresses anyone?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I am a Great Aunt

Last night I became a great Aunt (man, I am feeling old now). My niece Ciahlee had a baby boy. He weighed 6 lb 10 oz and was 19" long. After an extremely busy day, we were able to go to the hospital to see the new momma and baby. He is so cute!! Ben wasn't to sure about Skylar, but warmed up to him quickly. My kids were so excited to visit and hold the baby! Congrats Ciahlee, he is a sweetheart!