Monday, July 2, 2012

Another birthday..

Our oldest daughter turned twelve last week. I can hardly wrap my mind around how old my kids are getting! With turning twelve, she will be starting junior high school in the fall. I am slightly nervous for her, but glad her big brother will be there too, so hopefully he will look out for her. Also with turning twelve she finally gets to start wearing make-up, which I think she is beautiful without, and she also had a spa styled birthday party. The party was held last Friday night. We did it as a late night, to keep the more relaxed theme. We started out with a light dinner of pizza bites (homemade), veggie tray, and a fruit tray. To drink the girls had strawberry lemonade.
pizza bites

The girls

After eating the "spa" was open for service. I choose to split the girls up into groups to make it easier. We had a relaxing foot soak, facials and a manicure table set up. Foot soaking was the easiest with foot baths filled with warm water and watermelon scented effervescent foot bath tablets. The girls soaked their feet for about 15 minutes, dried them, then came the foot moisturizer. The girls LOVED how their feet felt afterward.
serious foot soaking,

face mask and cucumber eye treatment
While one group was busy doing foot soaks, the next group was busy doing facials. They started out by washing their faces to be free of all make-up. From there they applied a face mask, that happen to be greenish in color. I had only one girl who absolutely refused to do the mask, because she didn't like that it was green.. All in all they were good sports about it. Anyway, along with the masks they had sliced cucumbers to place on their eyes as well. They didn't really like the cucumbers because they were cold, but once again they were very good sports about it. After they washed off their face masks, they applied a soothing facial moisturizer to their faces. They loved the feel of it and thought it was funny how it all made their faces "shine".

applying face mask
Nail station
the party goers
 The last group gave themselves manicures. I wanted it to be a little more professional, someone who could come and talk to the  girls about keeping their nails cleaned as well as the correct way for nail care and applying polish. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a person nailed down. The girls still had a lot of fun though, they got to choose from a huge array of nail polish colors, push their cuticles back (slightly painful) and clean out their nails. After each group was able to go through each station, the girls enjoyed cupcakes. Now these cupcakes weren't like other cupcakes. I always let my kids pick what kind of cake or cupcakes they would like for their birthdays. Katie wanted rainbow, so that is exactly what she got.           

candle blowing
some of her presents
The party ended at 10pm, which was perfect, since her brothers and dad were on their way home from Lagoon. Her cousin slept over as well as one of her best friends. They stayed up watching movies until the wee hours of the morning.

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